the weekend.

[Being that my DSLR is broken and I attempted to use a super-duper old camera in my last post and now those pictures make me cringe from the grainy-ness, I will be using my iphone for pictures for the time being. Crazy to think my phone takes better pictures than one of my cameras!]

We have had such crazy {wonderful} weather here. Like in the 50's for days. It is such a tease, because I know before March comes, a winter storm or two or three will be here. In the meantime, we are soaking in these beautiful days. On Friday afternoon, we took the girls to the zoo. And they didn't even have to wear big coats! In January! It was great fun and the animals were really active. Especially those tigers. Naomi was not intimidated at all by them. Audrey, on the other hand, took a step back pretty quickly when the tiger came up to the window.

For the next six weeks, we are the "parents" to my little sister, while my dad is away on a missions trip in Africa. And his first weekend away, happened to fall on her big 16th birthday. Usually, I like to think of myself still as young and somewhat stylish. But after spending the weekend with a bunch of 16 year old girls, I am suddenly feeling very old, and well, frumpy. Ha. I spent my weekend hauling around my sister and her youngin' friends out of town for a day of shopping and hosting a bonfire for them on Friday night.

And now, let me throw this randomness in here.  It is usually told that girls are more expensive, right? Well, this boy already has me eating like crazy. All.Time.Time. If this is any indication of his appetite, we are in trouble with food expenses! Now excuse me, the fridge is calling my name.

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