his name.

It's tempting to have a dozen of kids just so we can name them. Except three is enough for us. For now. For sure. And it has been so fun coming up with a name for each one. Somehow by every twenty-week ultrasound, when the gender is revealed, we always have a name ready, boy or girl. Audrey was going to be a Jackson, and Naomi would have been Nolan. This time around if we were having a girl she would have been Violet. (Someone use that name, I just love it.)

But, since He is in fact, a BOY (eek!), we have come up with (what I think) is the perfect boy name. If we are friends on Facebook (which I hope we are), then you got to see the most adorable video of Audrey revealing her brother's name. [I'm having trouble uploading it onto here, sorry.]

For now on, instead of calling him boy or baby #3 on here, he will be known as...


Don't you just love it? I'm bias, but I think it is a pretty teriffic name. I like how strong it sounds. We picked Lincoln after going through quite a bit of boy names. I wanted something classic and easy to pronounce (I grew up with a name being read wrong 75% of the time, so I didn't want that for my kiddos). Some other picks of mine (not necessarily Andrew's) were Jasper and Porter. His middle name, Wayne, is a family name, the middle name of Andrew, his dad, and his grandpa. We are up for calling him Linc as well for a nickname.

There is little Lincoln, 22.5 weeks along!

I can't believe I'm more than half way done. Sometimes I get quite excited about it and then other times I'm like, whoa, slow down pregnancy I'm not ready for another one yet. This week has been quite hormonal for me with my patiences running thin. I thought I was suppose to be in the energetic/nesting stage right now, but apparently I'm still really tired all the time. I'm hoping something kicks in soon, I have a lot to do before little Lincoln arrives!

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