it's a new year.

We were able to slip away for the night on New Year's Eve with some of our closest friends. We have hung out every NYE for the last four years. Now that's pretty awesome, especially considering we all have kids. I slipped on my sparkly top and heels and even hit the dance floor. You can't stop this 21 week belly from busting a move. I've been known to break it down on the dance floor even at 7 months pregnant.

{Side note: I went to get a trim last week and ended up getting about 4-5 inches cut off. I have super healthy hair now, but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss my long hair.]

I can't believe it's January. And it's 2012. No seriously, I sound so cliche, but really. This is the year our baby boy will be born and hopefully we sell and find a home that we will be in for a very very long time.

Do you do New Year's Resolutions? It seems nowadays everyone likes to call them goals. Whichever way you want to call it, I like to always refresh at the beginning of the year and reflect back on things I would like do more or less of. I just looked over my goals from last year; looks like I need to revisit them throughout the year, some I think I accomplished others I definitely did not. This year I have a couple of goals in mind--one of the main things I would like to do is be more purposeful. More purposeful with my kids, my husband, my family, and friends. To spread myself a bit for someone else. Send that card for no reason. Deliver a meal to a friend in need. Leave cookies on a doorstep. Play with my kids. Like really play. Put down my phone and play. Sounds silly, but I get so distracted with technology. A quick second here and there and it adds up. Another goal of mine is to be more savvy with our money. I used to be really good with being on a "Dave Ramsey" budget--using cash for everything. But I have definitely slipped. Mainly with online purchasing. I get so many great deal-sites delivered to my inbox everyday and trust me, it is so tempting. Time to get back on a budget. I would love to be completely debt-free (besides a house payment). We aren't far from it (silly student loan), so I know we can do it.

And my top goal: to eat a dessert from every local restaurant in in my town. Which pretty much goes against everyone elses goal to get fit. What can I say, I like to go against the flow.

So, tell me what are you looking forward to this year? Have you set any goals?

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