merry christmas forever late.

I almost decided with the New Year that I would just throw in the towel with blogging. So much has happened since the last time I posted with all the holidays that I feel sort of lost. But once again, I have to remind myself this little ol'blog is for me and my family. I love looking back at old posts and seeing the pictures and reading the words. Also? Occasionally I will run into people (or the hubs will) and they will say they read this little ol'blog. It's super sweet when I hear that, and it also keeps me wanting to share here.

I went on a blog hiatus because I left my camera at my sister's house on Christmas and just got it back on Saturday. Then on Sunday I dropped it and BROKE my DSLR. So, I will be whipping out my very old camera for the time being till I send my camera off to get fixed. But I do have good news! Tomorrow my new Mac Notebook should be arriving! The hubs won it through his business and is giving it to me. I'm slightly nervous about switching to a Mac. But rumor has it, once you go Mac you never go back. We shall see.

So, I guess I need to play catch up now. Let's start with Christmas. It was {as corny as it sounds} so magical watching the girls that morning open gifts. They slept in until 8:45, in fact we had to wake them up, I couldn't wait any longer! Audrey was pretty much speechless the entire time and Naomi was just so cheerful. My very favorite gifts to them were handmade dolls I bought from Miss Baker Stitches on Etsy. I ordered these dolls just a week before Christmas and Tracy had them made and shipped within days to me! They were custom made to "look-like" the girls and had their initials embroidered on the front; I also got to pick the fabric for each one.

Christmas Eve ready in the stockings.

Christmas morning. The girls also got a mini-trampoline which has already been so nice with the winter weather.

After a quick morning bath, it didn't take Audrey long to get in her ballerina outfit she got. I cannot wait to take her to the Nutcracker in a couple of years. She already loves the story.

Look at that sleepy face, holding a cow she got in her stocking.
[I just noticed a horse sticker on the trampoline. That didn't take long for Audrey to decorate it. Ha!]

Family shot Christmas morning. It's hard to tell from the picture, but Audrey's dress has Hello Kitty all over it. She picked it out herself at H&M. It was $12, I couldn't say no.

Those last two pictures were taken a few days before Christmas on our way to a family get together. It was almost impossible to get Naomi to sit still. Also? Audrey looks so, so big to me here! And I did not tell her to put her hands on her lap like that.

There you have it, folks. Christmas in a nutshell and some pictures. I seriously can't believe it has come and gone. I do hope you had a lovely Christmas too!

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