18 months.

It's been a really good day. We had to travel just a little ways to get a detailed ultrasound done on baby Lincoln. His amniotic fluid and blood flow around his heart was checked and it came back fine. So, so thankful. [His fluid is still lower than normal, but it has increased by two points since last week, which is great.] The only thing the doctor really had to say was he is a big boy. At almost 35 weeks he is measuring in at 6lbs 7 oz. I know this weight can be off, as much as a pound. But yeah, I'm thinking he is going to beat his sisters birth weights at least.

It's the fifth of the month, which means my current baby turns 18 months today! A whole year and a half. This age is so challenging and fun all at the same time. Her language skills are picking up each day. She tries her best to repeat all of the words we ask, sometimes not sounding anything like it and other times surprising us. My favorite is her "thank you" which sounds like "nank nu." She absolutely loves to be outside. Climbing. Swinging. Playing with bugs. In water. She is especially enjoying living at her Gramps--right behind the house are donkeys, horses, chickens, goats, and sheep. Not a day goes by when we don't visit the animals.

It took about 10 shots to get one good one. She was not wanting to stand still and smile. 
But we managed with a little bribery. Naomi is wearing a hand-me-down dress from Audrey, which I scored at a second-hand kids store.

Audrey is wearing a vintage dress and shirt that was either mine or one of her three aunts. 
A perfect twirl dress, in deed.

They really love to hug and kiss each other. They have also started "rough housing" together, resulting in one or the other sitting on top of the other. Lincoln better watch out!

On a different fun note, I was featured on the lovely, Aliya's blog, Double the Fun today! I answer some questions about pregnancy, stop on over and say hello! And those who have stopped in from over there, "nice to meet you!" 

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