so this is happening.

I'm popping in to share that at some point tomorrow we will be welcoming our baby BOY! I go in at 7am! Not exactly the way I planned, but I'm embracing this and thinking on the positive side. When I went to the doctor today my amniotic fluid was very low (2.5...anything below a 5 is considered at risk). Fortunately, when I was doing the Non-Stress Test, baby did fine during my contractions-his heart rate didn't drop. After my doctor got a second opinion, he highly advised an induction today or tomorrow, and I opted for tomorrow. I'm 38 weeks (tomorrow) and already 3cm and 50% effaced (sorry for the detail stats, that's for my own record). I'm feeling very confident with my body that birth will take it's natural route once induction begins. I'm trusting in God and know that He has a special plan for Lincoln's arrival.

So tonight we embrace our last day as a family of four.

I quickly just had the hubs snap this picture. I have a hat on because my hair looked ridiculous. But hey, it's my last day of pregnancy {probably forever} so I wanted to capture it. 

You know what I love about right now? I'm not at all a bit worried about being able to love another sweet child. When I was about to give birth to Naomi, I couldn't imagine how I could possibly love another child as much as I loved Audrey. I was also so worried about Audrey not being "my world," and give her the attention I thought she needed. But then Naomi came it was so good and organic. This time around? I'm ecstatic about welcoming another baby to love and I already know the girls are going to do great with a baby brother. 

A baby brother. 

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