good friday.

This morning at playgroup I told the Resurrection Story to a bunch of three and four year olds. (Using Resurrection eggs, have you heard of those before? They were pretty neat!) They were so into it. How could they not be? A story of Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice on the cross for us. He took the pain for us. Because He loves us so. Then He arose. The little ones had so much passion while I was telling the story, they wanted to know more. And even had their own answers. I definitely learned from them today. I'm thankful for seeing Christ through the eyes of children, with unfiltered love.

Then we had a great Easter egg hunt. These kids have been friends since in the womb, they really are growing up together. It's the best.

The kiddos are napping and I'm off to begin the fun process of making the most delicious cinnamon rolls for Easter weekend. If you haven't tried the Pioneer Woman's rolls, then you just must. They are totally worth the time and make a crazy amount for you to share. Just one word of advice, ignore the calorie count.

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