{moments} to remember.

Outside the library this morning, Audrey asks me to take a picture of them and that is the pose she gave me--eyes closed and all. 

The words that come from Audrey's mouth each day, simply astound me. I want to know her thought process that got her to say what she says. Because some things are just so darn funny. I can't wait for Naomi to join in on the conversations we have, especially while driving.

Here are some moments that I don't want to go forgotten.

Yesterday evening while driving home from a friend's house after dinner, Audrey was starting to get cranky. In the car, Audrey says "mama, say, we are going to be home soon, honey." And so I did, and she was fine after that. This girl's love language is definitely language, words of encouragement and affirmation.

Today while driving she blurts out "look, a flying person!" I'm literally looking for a flying person. I tell her I don't see it, and she says "the cloud is flying person!" And it most certainly looked like a flying person.

At the library this morning we pull in, I look back in the rearview mirror to see Audrey closing her eyes and say "dear God, please give us a parking spot so we can go into the library." You know, we found a good spot right after that.

And just before nap, she grabs a towel I'm folding, lays down on the ground and puts the towel over her and says "mama, say, the caterpillar has to build a cocoon then turn into a butterfly." So, I say that. And she stands up and flutters around with the towel.

I want to start writing more of these little moments down. Because they make my heart burst. And three years old are just so fun and creative and full of life. I'm trying my best to preserve this fleeting, beautiful time.

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