caterpillar friend.

{I want to remember this.}

This morning at a friend's house, Audrey found a caterpillar, and of course, had to take it home with her. It's a pet, a real pet! Poor girl, has been asking for a kitty for probably a year now, so finally getting something, even if it is just a caterpillar, has made her day. On the way home she talked to it in the cutest baby voice. Oh, Charlotte (that's what she named it), are you hungry? Here is some grass. No? Okay. That's okay. Charlotte is my friend. Naomi do you love Charlotte?

When we got home, it had to eat lunch with us. Then, while I was laying Naomi down for a nap, apparently it was really thirsty and Audrey put some extra water in it's container. Fortunately, just enough to not drown. While reading books to Audrey before her nap, Audrey told me Charlotte didn't want to nap, but she told it, it had to if it wanted to grow big like her.

We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and have plans to make a caterpillar and butterfly craft this afternoon.

Toys are out, caterpillars are in.
On another note, Audrey had her yearly heart check up this week. I don't really think too much about what we went through when she was five days old until she has to be hooked up again each year. Then the flood of memories comes rushing in. And my heart tries to come out of my chest to hold her and squeeze her and not let her go and keep growing up.

Right after her heart procedure, 5 days old. 

She did so well being hooked up. I think she actually enjoys the doctor checking her. 

Her heart sounds fine--doc said he could hear a couple of murmurs, and the pulmonary valve that was originally worked on, may have decompressed a little bit---but he has not immediate worries. She is a healthy little girl that just needs to make sure she always stays hydrated and have her heart checked each year. Eventually, she will probably need to have her valve replaced, but hopefully not until closer to teenage years. 

I seriously love this girl, she has the most beautiful heart inside and out. 

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