Leavin' On a Jet Plane.

Okay, so I am not actually going on a plane. I just had the song stuck in my head from the movie, Armageddon. We are actually driving. To the beautiful state of South Carolina. For one whole entire week. My good friend is getting married there and I am in the wedding. Tomorrow we leave and take a pit stop in Tennessee to visit with friends and to break the trip up.

We haven't vacationed since our honeymoon four years ago. I mean, we take mini-trips here and there, but not a full out vacation. And we are so ready for this.

Except for the packing part.

We must cram our luggage, a portable high chair, a pack n' play, my friend's luggage (who will are picking up in TN), my friend, our baby, and ourselves all into a little Toyota Corolla. Oh, and my seven pairs of shoe.

We are staying in a beach house with 14 other people. This makes it super cheap for us to stay all week and it makes the ocean right there at our doorstep. Holla!

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