You Capture: Friends

Ah, friends. I am much more into quality over quanity when it comes to friends. I have a core group of girlfriends that I just cherish. We are beginning to spread out everywhere, but that's okay, because we have things like Facebook, and Twitter, and Blogging, and IM, and Email, and shall I go on? To keep us in tune with each other.

Yesterday was a much needed day for friends. Isn't it amazing how things can change when you are surrounded by friends and family?

Both my husband and I share a lot of friends. You know, the married couple ones. It's great. [I also have wonderful single friends, just sayin'.] When we go out to dinner together the girls all sit together and chat about baby spit up and wanting to get our hair done, while the men sit and talk about golf and how good their medium-rare steak is.

Here is a picture of some of my husband's close guy friends and of course, totting the kids along at the pool. They were taking the kids down the slide in the backdrop. (from left to right: Zach and his daughter Kierington, Evan and his son Carson, and my husband with Audrey)
You know your friends rock when they eagerly want to give your daughter a bath. Here are two of my closest girlfriends, Susan (left) and Kacie learning all about motherhood.

Then we have mine and my girlfriends fresh pedicures when we were down in South Carolina.

Friends are just lovely.
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