You Capture: Black and White

If you came over to my house the only things you would see hanging on the wall are lots of black and white photos of friends and family. [Oh wait, actually if you came over right this second you would see nothing on all the walls because of this, but you still get the point, right?] So you can see, I was excited to participate in You Capture this week- black and white. There is something so timeless and classic about a black and white photo. Plus, I think sometimes when you take the color away, you can really focus on the object.

I couldn't help but capture my two favorite people in the world- my husband and baby.

Celebrating 28 years. 28 squiggly candles to blow out on top of his favorite cake, German Chocolate.
Mission: To knock down blocks as quick as possible.

She came and she conquered. And then she sat there with pride. And she was also telling me she was tired after all that hard work. Hence, the ear pulling. That is what she does when she is ready to sleep. It is quite cute.

(side note: adorable vintage blocks came from a garage sale for 25 cents. Score!)
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