You Capture: 4th of July

Oh, sweet Independence Day. I am glad I get to share it with You Capture. Because well, it was just plain perfect.

After driving 9 hours starting in Nashville, Tennessee, we made it to our final destination of Isle of Palms in Charleston, South Carolina on the Fourth of July.

We immediately visited the ocean.

[Dear Ocean, I love you very much. You are beautiful. And peaceful. And still strong and enduring.]

By the time the fireworks began Audrey was already fast sleep in the Ergo. I wanted to take in that moment. Wrap it up and put in my pocket and so I could take it out anytime I want. That moment standing on the beach with my husband. Wearing Audrey. Watching the fireworks reflect on the ocean. We were at just the right distance where it wasn't too loud, but we could still totally enjoy it with the sound of the waves roar in.

Be sure to check out out lovely pictures at You Should Be Folding Laundry. Hope ya'll (okay, I have picked up the southern accent already) had a nice Fourth of July!

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