Happy 9 Years, 3 Days Late.

That's what my husband told me this morning when he first woke up. Actually, he said "Happy 9 years, 4 days late." But that's a tad bit off. We started dating on January 4, 2001. [Yes, that's right we STILL acknowledge our dating anniversary. And by acknowledge, I mean, wish each other 'happy anniversary' late and do nothing for it.] And we haven't looked back since. We have been together for 9 years straight (married 4.5). He even went to my high school senior prom with me. And honestly, each day with him keeps getting better.  

This picture was taken on my 21st birthday, back in October 2003. I don't have a picture that dates back to 2001 on this computer and I don't feel like getting my zip drive out so the earliest you get is 2003. We were such youngins. And my husband has long hair. He hasn't had that long of hair since. Weird.

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