So far. So good.

This year has already been so busy and we are only on day 4. I went to my first ever auction. You can read about it here (Where I started yet ANOTHER blog. Will I be able to keep them both going? Hopefully. Both separate? Maybe. Both sane? Probably not. ) I also have been busy taking my dirty dishes to my dad's house to wash there because we still do not have a kitchen sink. [Which I forgot to pick up my clean dishes today and now my husband is making us hot chocolate by heating up water in a measuring cup. Yes, we are that desperate and pathetic.] I have also been sewing more and creating. But the most fun thing I have done so far this year? Playing with my adorable toddler. She actually plays now. We chase each other and laugh. Take turns putting animals in the barn. I watch her climb on her little chair in her room over and over and over again, with an occasional you better sit down or you may get hurt. We read books and she makes the animal sounds. She is repeating so many words right now. I love hearing her little voice. [Even when it's screaming and throwing a toddler tantrum.] I can already tell, this year is going to be good.

So what have YOU been up to this year so far?

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