I seemed to have misplaced my mind. Would you mind helping me find it?

I haven't been able to find my thoughts lately. At least cohesively. I have been doing things and thinking things like this:

  • Woke up in the middle of the night last night and thought I didn't think Victoria Beckham ever smiled. But she did do it a couple of times on American Idol. Then I got frusterated for waking up and thinking that. My sleep is way to precious to be thinking of Mrs. Beckham.
  • I was in the shower the other evening. Actually at 11:45pm to be exact. And instead of enjoying the peace and quiet and alone time, I started reciting books I have been reading to Audrey in my head. The moon is up. It's getting late. Let's get ready to celebrate. It's pajama time. or Panda Bear Panda Bear what do you hear? I hear a lion roaring in my ear. or A is for apple that I like to bite. B is for bear that I cuddle at night. You get the point.
  • While taking my first dance/exercise class on Monday night, called Zumba, we did this move that made me think about my honeymoon in Jamaica. Then instead of paying attention to the instructor, I was trying to come up with a plan to get us back to Jamaica so we could win the dance competition again. [Oh yeah, that's right. Both the hubster and I won were crowned Reggae king and queen. What, what.]
On top of all this randomness, we have taken Audrey's paci away this week. We tried it last week and as you can see, we are champion parents, so we are trying it again. I am also trying to get her down to one nap. Without a paci, she won't go to sleep as easy, so two naps is nearly impossible. She is doing okay with the whole thing, it just takes a lot of patience right now on our part.

And another thing. I am going to Tennessee this weekend for a little girls' weekend. Without Audrey. It will be my first time away from her overnight. I know she's ready, I just don't know if I am. But she will be in the best of hands (her daddy's) and it will be so nice to spend some quality time with some of my closest friends.

I'm off to take a shower. At 2:50 in the afternoon. Gotta squeeze it in somewhere. And probably recite a bunch of more books. Maybe I will turn them into songs.

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