This is what she was all about.

I found this postcard today.

It reads
Abra (darling), You were very sweet to come Sat. and clean and decorate for my birthday- you did WELL! I thank God for you. I have been blessed with sweet kids. I love the plate holder, always wanted one. Thanks honey. Love, Mom

September 18, 2001

I also found this one.

It reads
Abra Dear, I love you. Mssy nad you. Lydia

September 18, 2001 (from my little sister, who at the time was only 6)

This is what my mom was all about. Just a month before she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer she was mailing me postcards at my dorm and even had my little sister send me one. Even though, I still lived in the same town as her and probably saw her at least three times a week. That's just who she was. She loved to send hand-written notes.

I'm so thankful I had for 23 years of my life.

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