Monday Rambles.

1. I don't have the energy right now to do anything. I don't know why. Probably because I had the stomach flu yesterday. Actually it hit me in the middle of the night just like it did about two weeks ago. Why o'why does sickness hit me at 2 in the morning? It's bad enough I have to be sick and then it goes and steals my sleep.

2. I went to our local community center this morning with Audrey for some play time and they presented the parents with some information about healthy homes. Now I want to go and get rid of all my cleaning supplies and go back to the basics with vinegar and water and buy some Borax. That's my goal this week- to rid my house of harsh chemicals.

3. I want a haircut. Bad. I haven't had my hair professionally cut since last June. Instead I take the scissors to my hair occasionally when I'm feeling a tad bit crazy.

4. I don't like February and it's almost here. I think it's the worst month. It's still really cold and as a formal teacher, there were never any days off and I still think that way. BUT I am going to try to embrace February by making cute Valentine decorations to hang up. Of course, not today, because see point 1.

5. I haven't taken a picture of Audrey in over a week. This is a record for me.

6. Countertops were installed last week. I love my kitchen space. Now we just need to get the dishwasher and sink hooked up and I will feel like I am living the big life.

7. I just ate almost an entire container of blueberries dipped in whipped cream.

That's all I got.

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