Monday Rambles.

  • We had a lazy weekend. It was so nice. My best friend came into town and stayed with us. We took a trip to the Farmer's Market and managed to walk away this time with just Chai tea. Although, next time I am definitely buying the rasberry honey spread my best friend got. Delish.
  • Today is beautiful. Blue skies and green all around. It is a good day to celebrate the life of someone really special to our family. My parent's neighbor, Irene, passed away and today we celebrate her reunion with her husband in Heaven. She was like a grandmother to us. I am so glad I went to an afternoon tea with her back in December. Those memories are cherished.
  • Audrey is going through a big attachment stage right now. It's like she flipped a switch in the last two weeks and has decided on only a handful of people that she wants to go to. Oh, and the toddler room at church, that's such an ordeal for her right now. So, anyone with toddlers (around 18 months), please tell me this is normal and just a stage and it will pass quickly.
  • Audrey enjoying a 'cup of tea' outside.
  • You have tomorrow marked on your calendar right? I'm sure in big bold print. We get to find out the gender! I can't believe tomorrow has snuck up on us like this. I keep getting asked "Do you have a hunch? What do you think it will be?" I am not good with 'hunches.' But based on the symptoms I have had that have been really similar to my pregnancy with Audrey, I'm guessing a girl. (Major morning sickness and high baby heart rate.) Oh, and maybe, just maybe, I took one of those silly online tests about gender prediction. According to the test we have a 70% girl and 30% boy. And just so you know, one of the questions was "What direction does your pillow face, north or south?" So pretty much, I put zero faith into that silly test. But, I would love to know what you think we might be having!
Rambling is now over. Hope your day week is full of love and small moments.

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