a very {favorite} moment.

I don't have any pictures for one of my favorite moments. But it is forever imprinted on my heart.

This past weekend, we spent some lovely family time out on the lake on my dad's boat. To get to the lake, we drive past the cemetery where my mom is buried. Anytime we pass that area I usually just glance over with silence. Nothing is said, but I definitely think about her. And life continues on.

But this last time, we didn't drive by in silence. As we were nearing the cemetery, out of the mouth of the sweetest little girl in the back seat comes Mimi's gave.

Instant tear. How did she remember? How did she notice where we were? Yes, Audrey, Mimi's grave.

Audrey: Touch.

Me: Do you want to touch Mimi's grave?

Audrey: Yes.

Me: It is fun to touch Mimi's grave and the shell. [Side note: My mom loved the ocean and now a shell sits on top of her grave as a memory.] We will visit Mimi's grave soon. Right now we are going on Gramp's boat.

Audrey: Boat. woder.

And the conversation goes on. Just as life does. But I will never forget that moment by Mimi's grave. Now, I know, Audrey doesn't get it. She doesn't understand graves and cemeteriess and Mimi. But that doesn't matter to me. One day she will and I will be able to share this story with her.

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