what's in a name.

One of my very favorite things about being a parent is being able to name this little human being growing inside me. A name she will have her whole life. A name that will probably have nicknames. A name that may even get made fun of [Hello, my name is Abra. Trust me I know this part.]. A name that will get rolled called off in every classroom. A name that may even get mispronounced [Again, see above- I repeat, my name is Abra.]. But sure enough, a name that she will carry.

If you looked at my computer history you would see A LOT of websites that have to do with "baby naming" "old-fashion baby names" "classic baby names" etc. I definitely have spent countless hours looking up names. I have also spent countless time saying baby names out loud to decide if I like how it rolls off my tongue.

One of the requirements my husband and I had when naming our children was to consider the meaning. In fact, there has been many names that we have considered and loved, but once we looked up the meaning we decided it wouldn't work.

Another thing we considered when naming- we want the middle name to be in the family.

And lastly, we wanted names that weren't super common, somewhat old-fashion like, and fairly easy to pronounce without ere. [Embarrassing side story: You know when you go to a restaurant and they ask for your name? Maybe, just maybe, I have said "April" before because saying "Abra" means repeating it four times and it still getting it butchered.]

So the verdict on our children's names:

Audrey Rose- Audrey means "noble strength" and Rose was after my mother, Rosemary

The Newest Addition to the Family- Naomi Fae- Naomi means pleasant and Fae is after Andrew's Nana

Audrey and Naomi.

I have already said that a thousand times today. It kind of sounds perfect, doesn't it?

[Also, it may sound like I don't like my own name. But I actually LOVE it. It fits me. And I don't mind if I have to tell people over and over what my name is because it is a good conversation starter AND I usually get remembered easily because of how unique it is.]

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