{random} things to share.

I went to Walmart today for the first time in a very long time, it's not my first or second or even third, fourth, or fifth choice of stores, but it was convienant to get an oil change and do shopping at the same time. On that note, I totally caved and bought Oreo's that were in the middle aisle. Smart marketing placement.

I would match rather do art and crafts with my kiddos then play pretend. I'm not saying I don't play pretend, because, by golly I make a gosh darn good Ariel, horse, salamander, and Prince Charming. BUT, give me crayons, markers, paints, stamps, I'm your girl.

Painting an egg carton to turn it into a caterpillar, then we made a butterfly from coffee filters.

We have had three showings on our house in the last week! Which means, hello, spotless house. One couple has come twice and looked at it--eek! I'm trying not to think about it just praying and waiting.  Have I mentioned we found a house we love on 5 acres? Praying for that too. Also? I may or may not have thought about a good location for a  home birth in this possibly future home. Just saying.

I really need to pick up my real camera again. Hence, all the instagram pictures.

Naomi is getting a mouth full of teeth--she just cut three more, making her grand total of eight! Audrey only had four till she was about fifteen months old, so this is new to me.

Hi friends! (This is at my friend's house, cute suitcases, huh?)

We have been soaking in summer as much as possible before it ends. Trips to the zoo, lots of parks in the morning when it has been a wee bit cooler, and the splash pad.

Sister kisses.

I really do hope to get back into blogging again. It's such a good outlet for me. Plus, I looooove the connection with YOU guys. So tell me, what's new?

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