sister. friend.

While making dinner, I hear down the hall and in the living room complete and utter laughter coming from the girls. Then I hear We are playing together! Naomi is playing with me! She is chasing me! She likes it when I do this funny sound! At that point I didn't care if I was about to burn dinner, I wasn't going to miss seeing them play together

Sure enough, Naomi was cracking up at her sister. Crawling around as fast as she could to get her. And of course, Audrey loved it, chase is one of her favorite games right now. My heart was melting faster than dinner was burning. This is what I have been dreaming about and it is slowly starting to happen. The girls become each other's playmate. Protector. Helper. Friend.

Taken early today at the Children's Museum. My sweet little dinosaur sisters.

I know their relationship isn't going to always be perfect. [I have three sisters myself, I know how it can go.] I'm already telling Audrey over and over to be more gentle. Share. Watch out for her fingers. Etc. But, I'm sure of this--their relationship is going to teach them how to love more and forgive more, and for that I'm thankful.

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