this morning, while i was driving to a nearby park, i had a moment of complete peace with an energy boost all at once. and yeah, it involved caffeine, but i won't let it take the credit like it can sometimes.  i was in our van, sipping coffee from one of my favorite mugs (hand-painted by me on a trip to a pottery shop years ago with some close girlfriends), the girls were chatting in the back with each other, worship music was on, and the beams, oh those sun beams were hitting us just right.

i needed that moment. it was like God saying, good morning to me right there. [His mercies are new every morning.]

then at the park. it was cool. sunny. and practically just us. (we went at nine. i think i'm going to do that more often.)

(these pictures were posted on facebook and instagram, but i couldn't resist sharing them again.
the first and last pictures are unedited. like i said, hello sunbeams.)

so, i want to know, what fuels you? 

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