ten months.

We are in the middle of getting our house on the market, which means the last couple of days have consisted of painting, nailing, packing, staging, cleaning. You know, attempting to get your house in mint condition with two kiddos all around. But, I wanted to pop in to share that Naomi is now ten months.

Like, whoa.

And she is everywhere. Keeping me on my toes and trying to keep up with her older sister. She is also over baby food, only mini-meals for her now. When she sees food she starts smacking her lips, it is so sweet. She is still so mild-tempered and go with the flow, pretty opposite of her more demanding, let-it-be-known I'm in the room, sister. When we pick her up from the nursery at church we usually hear "she was an angel."

She really is our doll-baby, that is growing like crazy. At her nine month check-up she was off the charts for height (30.5 inches) and weighed in at 20.5 lbs- 75%. Oh, and her fifth tooth just popped through last week!

One of my favorite things about her- the rubber-band wrists. I heart baby-chub.

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