[and yes, i know how babies are made.]

Last time this happened (which really doesn't seem like that long ago), I told him in a cute little way. And I was giddy and on cloud nine. Except for when the sickness hit me like a freight train just about a week later.

This time around, I cried frantically because, ohmygosh, would he believe me?! I didn't even believe it. When I came into the living room to tell him, I'm not really sure what I said, because he thought a snake was in the kitchen or something. Um, yeah. While I could barely catch my breath, his face lit up with the biggest smile. Honey, this is a good thing. I'm so excited!

See, I'm a planner. I consider myself fairly organized. So, when this happened at our surprise/shock/whaaaaaaat I didn't know what to do or how to respond. Don't get me wrong, I love babies. And pregnancy (after the first 17 weeks, when I quit being best friends with the toilet). And we wanted more, we knew that. But my plan wasn't to have them this close. [Thankfully, I can fully trust in His plan. Our Maker. He wouldn't ever give me more than I can handle. And apparently He thinks I am superwoman or something.] So yeah, I'm going to be one of those crazies with three kids 3.5 years and younger. If you are currently one of those crazies, all encouragement is welcomed! I'm not even sure of my due date yet, I'm thinking possibly mid-May? I'm just going to say it, I have nothing to base this pregnancy on. Because, yeah, I was one of those people that believed the myth that you couldn't get pregnant if you don't have a period and you are breastfeeding. I went to get blood work done the other day to get an approximation of how far along I am. 7-8 weeks (with all my levels looking great). Which was another shock and a pleasant surprise that I haven't been deathly sick (yet). In fact, I feel pretty great right now. Tired, but waaaaay better than my past pregnancies.

My motto right now is take it a day at a time. That's all I can do right now. I could pretty much lose my sanity right now as we continue to try to sell our house, figure out a birth plan (we are highly considering a homebirth, but the fact we may not know where we will be living, is playing a huge role in the decision), and just running the every day tasks of having two kids right now almost three and one.

Also? This is most likely my last pregnancy. So, I'm going to try to revel in the beauty of this pregnancy. And pray that the sickness stays away. And like I said, take it a day at a time.

Cheers to baby #3, yes?

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