non-laboring on labor day.

I just sat here for a minute to try to think about the weekend and what all we did. And all I can recall is eating a lot and relaxing. We even managed to get in a family two hour nap today. It was splendid.

Every Labor Day we have made it a tradition to go to the local car show, where I grew up. Picture this--good ol'country folks walking around looking at old cars, bluegrass or gospel music playing down below the hill, and getting served up some mighty-fine pork tenderloin and fries. Then throw in a couple of bouncy houses for the kids and face painting, and you have a pleasant way to spend Labor Day. But what was really icing on the cake was the fact that it was only 65 degrees out all day, instead of 85 like it usually is this time of year. [I may have been a little over excited to dress the girls in jeans, long sleeves, and adorable little jackets. And I even whipped out a light scarf-eek!]

I didn't forget the sippy cups, or banana as a snack, or the two cans of soda in my purse, or the diapers and wipes, or the extra jacket, or the baby carrier, but somehow I did manage to forget the camera. So, it is iphone pictures to share.

You can see Labor Day pictures from two years ago, at the same place, here!
I do hope you all enjoyed a relaxing weekend as well!

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