small style {recycled dress}.

We have had such lovely, chilly weather this week. Which means to me, making a lot of comfort foods- chili, pot pie, and white chicken chili. And I had to make a trip to Starbucks on the day the Pumpkin Spice latte was available. But to [my] toddler, cold weather, just means a lot more clothes to have to put on and wearing unwanted pants. I knew this was coming, Audrey still wanting to wear dresses when the temperatures drop. I'm thinking very few jeans will be bought, but a lot of leggings and tights will be on the arise. A couple of months ago, I snagged a simple striped Land's End dress from Goodwill for $3. And today I finally got around to altering it slightly, so it is a tad bit more fun, and totally suitable for this beautiful fall weather.

I used an old vintage apron and an old t-shirt for the material,
and basically did a similar design to a previous dress I had made for Audrey.

So simple and sweet. I love the little heart detail I added to the back.

A little late, but linking up with Morgan over at Mama Loves Papa for Small Style!

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