oh, hi.

I have a tendency to do this, take a hiatus from blogging when I get a pregnant. [That sentence makes it sound like a get a pregnant a lot. Ha.] The past two times have been because I was constantly throwing up and anything that didn't involve that, was not a priority. This time around, I'm actually still feeling pretty good, but life has just been super busy. And the sheer exhaustion? Totally kicked in this week. Naptime means rest time for me and I go to bed about 9:30 every night, the times I would normally be blogging. I also got sick Monday night, but that is nothing in comparison to how bad I know it can get. I'm still so thankful for the way I'm feeling. As long as I am constantly eating, I feel okay. I still regret not getting up at 4:30am to eat a bowl of cereal last night. For an hour and a half I sat in bed thinking about it. Just saying.

I made homemade pumpkin pie and pot roast yesterday. That smell was filling my home with the most amazing aroma all day long. I'm pretty sure that's what sold our house. What? Did I say, sold? Why, yes I did. Okay, it's not sold yet. But we did get an offer last night. Praying that everything goes smoothly with it. Also? The house that we have been eyeing since July--the one with 5 acres, yeah, it got an offer last week. God has a plan for us. And I'm confident in that, and surprisingly not feeling too stressed about it (being the planner I am...of course, I threw my planning skills out the window when I found I was pregnant. Time to go with the flow, aye?)

In just about a week, Naomi turns one. ONE. People. October also means Audrey's birthday and my birthday. We are going to be celebrating every other weekend. I shall not complain. I do love cupcakes.

I'm also making it a goal to blog more in October. And drink as much apple cider as I can, and eat as much pumpkin-anything. [I set attainable goals, what can I say.] Yeah, October is one of my favorite months. You too?

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