one more month.

Guess who only has one month left till she turns one?!

Oh, and she totally thinks she's big stuff. Like when I give Audrey and Naomi each their sippy cups, Naomi does not want her own, she wants the bigger toddler-like one. And often times, wins. She has recently learned to stand on her own, and loves to walk around holding on to just one hand. She has eight teeth, and uses it to her advantage to eat everything. It completely amazes me how much babies understand at this age,  and her vocab. includes mama, dog, dada, and I think tonight she said ni-ni, for night-night. I can't believe in just a month we are going to throw a first birthday party with a cutie-patootie hot-air balloon theme!

[Wanna see Audrey at 11 months? I love seeing how different/alike the girls are at the same age. Go here. You can even see a video of her walking then!]

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