friends and ice cream.

When I first became a mama with Audrey, one of the best things that happened to me was joining a playgroup that meet weekly at each other's homes. At the time, each mom had one, maybe two kids (or pregnant with number two), and it was just what I needed for support and relief (let's be honest). Three years later, there are now six moms and fifteen kids (and come April/May my third will make sixteen in the group) all under the age of four. On Friday we went on a field trip to a nearby Children's Museum, indoor playgroup, and the cutest ice cream parlor. I do believe the kiddos behaved quite well while sitting on little barstools eating their ice cream, while bystanders watched in awe (with either the fact that so many kids were there, or that they were being so good).

It made for some caaa-ute pictures.

So thankful for mama friends and little trips with sweet memories.
 (Both figuratively and literally, that ice cream was delicious!)

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