boy, oh boy.

So, I'm feeling pretty good that my motherly intuition was correct. But I really shouldn't be bragging, because Audrey told us day one that she was having a brother. She even prayed for one.

Audrey and Naomi will be having a little brother!

I may or may not have purposely wore a blue shirt, thinking that it would in fact, be a boy.

We also got word that the baby is looking very healthy and his heart is working great. It was so fun to get a super in-depth look at our baby BOY. {Gah, I can't stop saying the word boy, I can't believe it.} We did get a caution flag when the doctor found a blood clot on my placenta. They aren't super concerned, but they do want to monitor it to watch it's growth. Which means another ultrasound in four weeks. We are praying that it doesn't grow or even shrinks, which is possible. If it grows it could interfere with baby's growth. At this point baby boy is growing great--he is actually measuring about a week ahead. I'm not going to worry about this, but just give it to God and thank Him for all the positive news we heard today.

Now I have a confession, two nights ago I began researching things I want for a baby boy and started a blog post on a wishlist. Looks like I will be able to share that wishlist soon! I'm going to break the rumor that there aren't very many cute things for boys.

And thank you all for the sweet words on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram today. I keep reading all the thoughtful congrats. It's fun to spread the word with technology.

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