holly jolly.

The weekend was filled with so many festive activities, from a Christmas breakfast, to Santa Train, to a Holiday Get Together with some super close girlfriends to church to a live Nativity Scene. Oh, and a birthday party mixed somewhere in there.

Santa Hat Brownies, idea came from Pinterest. I would write down how to do them, but they are pretty self-explanatory- brownies from a mini muffin tin, white chocolate melted, and strawberries.

Today I mailed out my Christmas cards. Yay! I was going to splurge and buy them from Tiny Prints (oh the quality and customer service!), but I ended up winning them from Tiny Prints instead through my friend Lenae's blog. I decided this year to do a letter along with it. It will be fun to look back on over the years and read.

I found a fabulous idea via Pinterest (hello, addiction) on what to do with old Christmas cards. I have been collecting them (mainly just picture ones) since 2006, they have remained in the Christmas bin year after year, but this year, they are out for all to see. Such an easy and cute idea. Buy two metal clip rings from a craft store. Take a hole punch and punch two holes in all the cards. Make sure your hole puncher isn't ten years old, it will take twice as long and your hand will be sore the next day; lesson learned. Separate into years (fortunately, I already had them all divided in bags, so I didn't have to do any guessing), and make into a little coffee table book. I also had scrapbook paper to divide and label each year in the book. I've had so much fun looking through the pictures of friends and family.

Have you been working on any fun holiday projects? Do share! What about Christmas cards, do you order them or make them or buy Christmas cards on sale the year before? (I used to do that, years ago. Then I never liked them as much the following year.)

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