the binding bee.

I'm happy to say, I'm almost done with Christmas shopping. And most of it was done from the comfort of my couch. I do believe, online shopping was made for moms. Also, the anticipation of waiting for something to arrive in the mail is almost addicting, even if the present is for someone else. I hate checking the mail normally (I have to walk across the street and I'm lazy), but lately I have been going out there as soon as I can to see what fun package has come next.

Today, one of my very favorite Christmas presents arrived. My dad, whom I'm really close with (especially after losing my mom 5 years ago), is getting ready for a six week journey to Africa. SIX WEEKS! I'm so happy he is able to do this. He will be doing missionary work with his brother, who is a pastor. They will be traveling all over and hopefully get to go on a safari. (that is on my bucket list). So, I wanted his Christmas present this year to be purposeful for his trip. After visiting a local art show in my town, I came across an awesome Etsy seller, Megan Winn. Her online store, The Binding Bee, sells custom, handmade journals. You guys, these journals are gorgeous. I knew the moment I saw her journals, that was what I was going to get my dad.

So Megan worked with me and created a beautiful leather journal, with an antique key closing and an African map on the inside. How cool is that?! She made sure there was leather that covered all sides, since she knew this journal would be traveling a lot. Durability, yes.

Today I spent time filling some of the pages with pictures of my dad's grandkids and devotions, so when he is traveling he will be encouraged and have sweet pictures to look at.

I can't wait for my dad to open it on Christmas. It's not the newest fishing pole or latest gadget, but sometimes gifts like this speak so much more to us.

['m not getting compensated for this post and I purchased the journal myself; when I find an awesome store that sells handmade unique stuff, I want to share. I love that she has a variety of prices in her journals too.]

You really must go and check out her store, The Binding Bee.

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