I've been trying to fill this day up with fun and stuff so it goes by as quickly as possible. This morning started out with homemade snowman pancakes. Then we ran errands, which usually always includes a trip to Target. Audrey had the idea of a picnic for lunch in our living room and now naptime with leftover Mexican. [Biggest craving this pregnancy for sure.]

And here we are.

I just snapped a quick 19 week shot of my belly. 19 weeks!! This pregnancy is almost half way done! I have to remind myself daily to take it in and actually think about being pregnant, because this is it {as far as our plans go with pregnancy}. I seriously forget throughout the day that I have a human inside of me, it's kind of crazy.

So, tomorrow is the big day. We get to find out the gender of this baby-yay yay yay! More importantly, we are going to get a super close look at this baby's growth and especially the heart; we are traveling a short trip up to Indianapolis for this ultrasound. Since Audrey was born with Pulmonary Stenosis (and had a heart procedure done at 5 days old), each consecutive baby gets checked in the womb to see if that baby is a carrier. Naomi did not have it and most likely this baby will not as well, but we will find out tomorrow with a heart echo. There isn't anything that they can "fix" before birth, but it will help prepare us and the doctors if something needs to be done at birth. I'm really excited to see little baby pop up on that screen! It is almost as exciting as birth but without any pain--score!

I've been asked a lot if I have a mother's intuition of what gender this baby might be. I definitely have my idea, but before I go and share what I think, I must say, boy or girl, we are over-the-top thrilled for another one to join our family. And clearly we don't have a choice in the matter. Ha! But, honestly, I'm thinking it's a boy. Not because "we need a boy next" or "it's about time for a boy" or "Andrew needs a boy for him." [Yes, I hear these things all the time. Can I give some advice? Don't tell a pregnant lady what gender they need to have next. Mmmkay.] I think it's a boy because this pregnancy has been very different than the last two. Audrey and Naomi were quite similar, all I remember is sickness A LOT. This time I have very rarely been sick and I feel like I'm carrying differently. Only tomorrow will tell, though! I may be surprised!

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