oh, the holidays.

I splurged on a Little People's Nativity Set the other day. [My thought was, I spend enough on cute little decorations and smelly candles, this should be in our house.] I'm so glad I bought it, because the girls have been playing with it almost non-stop. Audrey favors Mary and Naomi favors baby Jesus, it works out great. And we are pretty sure Naomi says See-sus.

Yesterday for our Advent activity, Audrey picked out some special toys from the store to give to a little girl. Then we took the toys to Stuff-A-Bus. I was thoroughly amazed at how well Audrey did while picking out the toys for someone else, then we got to the bus and she walked right in and placed the toys down next to the other ones. She picked out a Hello Kitty microphone and Hello Kitty lipgloss, somethings she would definitely want herself. This activity that we did isn't much at all, there is so, so much more to give and not just material things, but I'm thankful that we are able to give when and where we can. It's funny how you do something to teach your child something, like the value of giving to others, when really it's a lesson for yourself {me}.

We do make it a point to keep the holiday season focused on the celebration of Jesus' birth, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy going to other fun festive events, that even includes Santa Claus. I love imagination, so we do the Santa thing. Today, Andrew took the girls to a Santa Train, while I was at a Christmas breakfast. [Have I mentioned how awesome of a dad he is? He works really hard at his business, but also being a rockin' dad.] Despite the crazy amount of people there, the girls had a blast. What's not to love about seeing Buzz Light Year, Snow White, Cinderella, Cindy Lou-who, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Shrek, Rudolph, and of course, Santa on the train? [It's all free too.] I got word that Naomi thought Buzz Light Year and Shrek were the coolest things ever and she kept giving them high fives every time they walked by, and they walked by a lot, because they saw how thrilled she got by them.

 We often call Audrey Thing 1 and Naomi Thing 2, so this picture is so appropriate.

You can see last year's pictures of the Santa Train here (when it was much colder out).

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