Hair Did.

I am uber excited about tomorrow. I get to have my hair did. I think I would do some cartwheels right now if I wasn't so tired. I haven't had my hair professional done since last August. [I went to a beauty school in Dec. and got it done, but I am not going to count that- it wasn't with my stylist] Hubby gave me the go and said "do what makes you happy." He kind of prefers me as a blonde (which I have always been one), but I am feeling like a change. This mom needs change. And I don't want to cut my hair (I am attempting to grow it out, but it is going s-l-o-w), so the next best thing is a color change, right? As silly as I feel posting these pictures, I need some advice. Which color should I go for? Honey-caramel like Miss Aniston or brown like Alba? Again, I feel lame posting them and probably will regret it tomorrow, but here goes nothing...

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