I'm a Little Nervous.

After much deliberation I am finally starting this blog. Ever since I found out I was pregnant last February I wanted to start a blog just about babies and mothering and challenges and everything nice. I even have a folder of ideas that I have been storing away to use. Like saving ideas for budgeting moms [yeah, that's definitely me]. And organizing tips. And things to do with baby. Now it's time. I have been hesitant to add another blog [yes, I already have a personal one] because of well, failure. But really, can you fail at blogging? I don't know. I hope not. Will I have followers? Geez, that makes me really nervous. I get so intimidated by all the other great blogs I read. But here goes nothing. I never majored in writing or telecommunications or any other major that would make sense to become a blogger. Just elementary education. But I think I have a lot to say about babies and being a mom. So that is what I am going to do. And I would love any encouragement. And comments. And lots of love. Because that is what I am going to give.

When starting this adventure I had no idea I would spend precious hours on just coming up with a blog title and the design. And I mean precious hours. You know, those hours when your baby is sleeping. I just got done making a lemon pound cake late last night after baby went to bed and instead of unloading the dishwasher or sweeping the floor or putting away things, I took a nice slice of cake and sat in front of my computer. And that was it. It hit me. There were so many things I could be doing, but instead, I wanted to enjoy a delicious lemon cake. And that is how my title came to be. And the picture. Don't you wish you had a slice of that cake? I don't mind sharing.

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