It takes energy to blog. It doesn't seem like it would, I mean it is just typing, right? But I have a 5 month old teether, so everything is requiring extra work. Today I opted for a nap instead of a shower while Audrey napped. And truthfully, I take a shower everyday. Not because I want to be clean [that is just a bonus], because it is me time. I am fully aware that this whole teething thing could take days...or weeks- yikes! Her top teeth haven't poked through yet. On a happy note, my haircut was a success. I ended up being my normal, all-talk-no-show, change just a little, self and not going out on a limb with the color. I did lowlights and highlights, I guess you could say I went for the Jennifer look. And it worked, at least I think so [or hope so]. I also got bangs. Which are super fun because I can sweep them to the side or wear them in the front, like so... I now feel like a mom with a tiny bit of style. Yay!

The headbands I made for Audrey have also been a success. I pretty much have a color to match every outfit.

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