4 Years.

[Warning: completely and utterly mushy post]

June 4, 2005.

It's time to party. Time to celebrate. Time to marry my best friend. Everything is in place. And if it isn't I don't care, because I am getting married. That is all that matters. At the ripe old age of 22. And these are the vows I write and commit to today...

I, Abra, take you, Andrew to be my husband. I stand here before God and these witnesses honored and excited to become your wife. I commit myself to God, to you, and to the pursuit of oneness. I am so thankful that God has placed a man of strong character, devotion, and kindness in my life. In return, I promise to be loving, honest, and faithful to you always. I promise to care for you in all sickness and to be your partner through our times of joy and our times of trial. I thank God that He has given us over four years to grow as best friends and now a new beginning as husband and wife. I promise to be your loving wife and best friend for as long as we both shall live.

June 4, 2009.

Four years, already? Where has time gone. We have been through so much to cram into only four years. We bought a cute little house in the country. Which resulted in a forever honey-to-do-list. (new dishwasher, stain the deck, change the septic pump-gross, replace the windows) We have over used our tow packages from AAA only to finally buy a new (used) car. We have discovered some great meals that never grow old (white chicken chilli, italian sausage and rice, chicken enchiladas, and cereal, of course). We know that we can never go to bed upset at each other. We have experienced death first hand, and watched my dad lose my mom after 30 years of marriage to a four year battle of cancer. We have climbed a waterfall in Jamaica together. By the grace of God, we have created the most beautiful little girl, and already overcome her going through a heart procedure. We have created some many moments together.

You give my life purpose. You lift me up when I am down. You make me laugh. You work so incredibly hard to provide. You are my knight in shining armor.

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