From T to Dress.

I like to sew. But I do NOT like to follow patterns. I just want to create. It probably has to do with the fact that if I don't have a pattern to follow than I can't fail, right? Anyway, I made Audrey a dress out an old t-shirt of mine and this is how it went...
The shirt I used has a lot of significance for me. I didn't just want to throw it away. But let's face it. I am not the same size I was when I graduated high school. In fact the shirt size reads 12-14 kids. Remember when it was cool to wear small tees? That's what I was doing. (Note to self: Do not attempt to try on shirts this old). This shirt actually came from Germany. I traveled there with my best friend after graduating from high school. So I obviously don't' want to depart with it.
After cutting it down to size. Sewing on some trim from a vintage apron I had. It became a dress for my sweet little girl.

I LOVE it. It turned out great. If I could do it differently, I would have made it slightly bigger. It is a little difficult getting her arms out of it. So I may have to adjust it. But other than that, she sports it well, don't you think? I am looking forward to doing more.

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