You Capture: Nature.

I was so excited for this week's You Capture. Because I LOVE being outside. I grew up camping, being on the lake, and running around outside across the gravel without shoes on.

Speaking of growing up, it all happened in the country. With the most sweetest neighbors. Ever. My dad still lives in the same house. With the same neighbors. And they are still as sweet as can be. With the most beautiful farm. Donkeys. Peacocks. Turkeys. Sheep. Horses. You name it. They have it. It's like having a zoo as your neighbor. Audrey LOVES it. We went and visited this weekend and this is what I captured...
How cool is that? I wish I had pretty grass to mow like that.
And the most beautiful, biggest, Sycamore tree is in their back yard with a swing on it. Look how little the hubster looks in comparison...

It happened to be a fabulous week to find nature in my own yard as well. The hubster found 4 baby turtles. 4. Can you believe that? All of them can fit into the palm of your hand at once...

And he found a weird red frog.

He tried to stare me down. But I think I won.

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