In Case You Were Wondering.

I have been MIA. Did you notice, huh? huh? Did you? I haven't been consumed by blogs, Twitter, Facebook. Or even email. Not by choice though. Here is a short story for you...

One day this girl was wanting to up her blog. Make it a little cooler. A little cleaner. She was browsing the internet, eating a brownie, while her baby slept peacefully. She stumbled across a website that offered free three-column blogs and other cool stuff. Little did she know when she downloaded this solve-all-her-problems site, the other cool stuff ended up being a virus. A bad virus. One that her husband spent hours trying to get rid of. So from that moment on, she couldn't use the internet.

What a silly girl, right? I mean, who would do something like that.

Oh, wait, I am talking about myself. Yeah, the girl who also formatted her camera card and lost all of her pictures like a week before. And let her baby girl eat her phone and almost kill it.


But, I am back. With... [drum roll please] a brand new laptop! Like a real laptop. One that can sit on your lap. Who knew. Unlike my last one. It was so ghettofied (I can make up words because it's my blog), that it had to be hooked up permanently on the desk with a keyboard. We figured after having a laptop for over 6 years, spilling tea on it, and downloading a virus, it was time to move on. Our budget wasn't ready for one. So, we caved. We putitonacreditcard. But it was a deal. Can you beat a $350 laptop? I think not.

Since not using a computer for a couple of days,I got all inspired to create. Yay! And I can't wait to show you a dress I made for Audrey out of an old t-shirt of mine. I have been saving these t-shirts for a while now. Then I read Steph's post at Adventure's In Babywearing and was totally motivated to make a dress. So stay tuned for pictures tomorrow of the fabulous thing.

P.S. If you have any advice on where I can change up my blog header and download a three column page, throw it my way. I left my header in the middle of editing it and now I am too nervous to go to other sites to figure out how to change it up.

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