Happy Father's Day.

This Father's Day is doubly-fun. [Doubly is another one of my made up words. My mom taught me you can add a 'y' to just about any word to make it a cooler.] I get to celebrate my own dad AND get to celebrate my hubster being a rad dad too.

I couldn't dream up a better daddy for my baby girl.
(Picture below is of Audrey at 5 days old at Riley Children's Hospital after she had her heart procedure done.)

And my own dad. Well he's amazing too. He has taught me a lot. Most importantly, he has demonstrated unending faith. It's funny how even though I am grown and starting my own family, I still will always be daddy's little girl. It is neat to see the same bond growing between Andrew and Audrey.
Happy Father's Day to two of the most important men in my life!

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