The Good. The Bad. And the Ugly.

Let me just start with the ugly. Remember this. The horrible idea of me in a swimsuit. I went shopping for one on Friday. Failed. And felt even worst. Like I should never be in a swimsuit again. Or at least one that fits snug and is made of polyester. [Oh, wait that is ALL of them]. BUT, I found the good on Saturday. I ended with a tankini from Old Navy. AND it was on sale. Double bonus. And the triple bonus? I also found a rug from Home Goods (practically a TJ Maxx). Remember this too. Well, now I have a beautiful, wool rug caressing my feet right now. It was love at first sight. It was also my anniversary gift.

The good continued today. Hubby, baby, and I went to the Indianapolis Zoo. We have a membership so we will be going, um, all-the-time. It was beautiful weather, not too hot yet (we went in the morning), and not too crowded. Then after the Zoo we headed to Riley Hospital for Audrey's heart check up. [Background info: Audrey had a heart procedure done when she was 5 days old to have her pulmonary valve opened, it was too closed and not allowing enough blood flow]. Everything looks great! Doc told us on a scale of 1 to 6, 1 being the best, Audrey is a 1! Holla! We were on our merry way from Riley.

Here is where the bad comes in. Notice I have no pictures to show you of the Zoo? Or at the hospital? No, I didn't forget my camera. It practically comes with me everywhere like it is my second wedding ring or something. I even got some great shots today. I used my aquarium setting for the first time-loved it. [Then where are the pictures you took?] On the way home I was fiddling with my camera. Next thing I know I have formatted it and OHMYGOSH ALLMYPICTURESAREGONE. I am hoping my husband's magical powers will bring them back some how. He is a smarty-pants when it comes to technology thank goodness. So, say a little prayer the pictures come back tomorrow.

At least I have my huggable, kissable, squishable, 19lbs 2oz. baby to adore each and every second. [Insert picture of chubby leg baby here]. And a hubby that takes care of me.

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