You Capture: Summer.

Summer is here. There is no doubt about that. Welcome Indiana humidity that makes my hair look likes I stuck my finger in a light socket. And my skin sweat so bad that I think it just might fall off. It is so hot right now that I am willing to park at the very end of a parking lot just to get a tiny bit of shade over the car, even if it is just a leaf.

I don't want to complain though. I will take summer over winter any day.
So here it is. You Capture: Summer.

We spent Father's Day at Spring Mill State Park. It was hot. Muggy. And there was no a/c to escape to. But we still had fun. And it was completely and utterly adorable to see the hubster carry Audrey around in the new Ergo carrier. [I promise a post is coming soon about this great new purchase!] Don't look at the picture too long or you may began to sweat just looking at how hot Audrey looks. "Give me the water now. Dad. Now."

How would you like to dress up like a mummy in 95 degree weather and sing and grrrr on stage? We could start a band if you want to do it with me. Oh, wait, there is already one that does that. This past weekend we saw The Mummies at a local event. Yup, it was pretty much amazing and simply hilarious to watch.

This is the epitome of summer. Being at the pool. Eating a Nilla Wafer. And ohmygosh, do you see those rolls? It takes an extra five minutes to put on sunblock because I have to go through each one.
Ahhh, love. Be sure to check out other summer posts at I Should Be Folding Laundry.

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