Almost A Year Ago.

At this time last year I was so ready. Boy, Girl was I ready. I had k-ankles. [Seriously, people. My ankles were gone. Just moosh. The only proof I have is on my phone and I am too lazy to figure out how to upload it. I don't have some fancy iphone, so it's too much hassle.] I was working full time as a kindergarten teacher, which included jumping up and down while singing the days of the week. Turning everything into a song so the kids would transition better. And going to the bathroom at. every. single. break.

I was almost 38 weeks pregnant.

It was a Thursday I went to the doctor for my weekly check-up. I had been having some major cramping and even threw up the previous weekend. Oh and you know. Other very obvious signs that labor could happen sooner than later. [See aren't I nice? I do leave out some information.] I asked the doctor "So what do you think? Will labor be soon? I feel like it will be." And her response "Sorry, you bought yourself at least another week."

That Friday I went into labor. She was wrong. I was right. (Even though I told myself at the time the doctor was right. But I knew. I just knew.)

Audrey was born Saturday morning. Almost a year ago.

I can't wait to celebrate her birthday on Sunday.

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