It's All Good.

It's countdown time. T-11 days till Audrey turns ONE. T-12 days till we have to be moved. And as stressful as that sounds and as stressful as it has been. I am feeling pretty good right now. Maybe because it is a beautiful day. Maybe because finally Audrey is pass her oh-my-gosh ICANTSLEEP, MUSTBEHELD, INEXTREMEPAIN days from teething just last week. [And all of it was for ONE tooth. Her top one.] Maybe because I am just giving it all to God. And you know what, it feels good.

Not to mention seeing the pretty colors that are going up on my walls makes me very, very happy inside.
I kind of love decorating. And design. And changing furniture around. And now, now I have a new house to do it to. And old, cute charming one at that.
I can't wait to share pictures of before and after. But you must wait and stay tuned...

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