A Mermaid with a Sucker is the Cutest Thing Ever.

We had a packed two days of celebrations and Halloween fun. Let me just let the pictures do the talking... Audrey at our routine playgroup on Friday morning.

The attempt to get a picture of all the kids dressed up at playgroup. Notice the moms trying to get out of the picture. It was so funny. The kids were melting down by the second.

On Friday evening we went to my brother and sister-in-law's church for a fall festival. There was a room just full of balloons. Audrey LOVED it. Okay, so did I. I definitely played in it.

On Halloween we took the kids to the...mall. (I know, so impressive, right?) It was actually quite fun to see the cousins strolling along in the wagon. A sucker kept Audrey content the entire time.

We went trick-or-treating just at one house. My dad's neighbor. They are as sweet as can be. A woman in her 90's that has a heart of gold and so much wisdom that if I could just have an ounce of it I would be much better off. She has a daughter just like her, also older. I really enjoyed seeing them. It was a good reminder to visit them more often.

I like Halloween and not just because, ahem, my birthday comes the day before. But I think Halloween is a time for children (and adults) to imagine and dream and become. I've been asked are you going to let Audrey dress up for Halloween? Or (gasp) think there is a Santa? Yes. and Yes. I believe in imagination and dreaming and having fun. And that is just what I am going to make it. And I think this year was a success at that. I had fun dreaming and believing and pretending with Audrey.

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