I'm Here.

I'm here. But I'm not. This is the week. The week we have to move. The week Audrey turns one. It's kind of crazy around here. But definitely a good crazy. And just to throw things into the mixture I am taking all day tomorrow to go to a covered bridge festival. I mean, it makes total sense to take an entire day to go and have fun when I could be packing and moving and running errands and getting stuff ready for the big birthday bash. I thought it was a smart move, at least.


We are making so much progress on the house. It makes me giddy. Just look at the kitchen...

In the kitchen alone this is what we have done:
  • removed old cabinets/countertops/nasty stove/multiple layers of flooring
  • replaced drywall that was bad
  • replaced all electrical with new wiring and boxes
  • remudded the ceiling and painted
  • primed and painted all trim and walls
  • installed new cabinets

What we have left to do:

  • refinish existing windows (there are 5 super cute original windows in the kitchen)
  • replace one window
  • replace back door
  • install butcher block countertop
  • add switches to eletrical boxes
  • install floor and new trim

And that's just one room. I can't wait to share the progress on the other rooms!

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